This site is a hobby.
It's also a testing place where i can do things that are impossible at work.

I like surfing and sailing on the ocean. But during longs winter nights, computing is fun. I'm interesting into cryptocurrencies, computationnal art, datavisualisation. I know that 42 is the answer to the Life, Universe and Everything Else. As Eto Demerzel said to me, the Seldon's Plan will save the Galaxy. My favorites books are the House of leaves, the Necronomicron and the DarkHold. I also know that great power comes with great responsibility. I'm still in the search of Captain Zero, because the Truth is out there.

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Explore the Bitcoin's Blockchain

This is a drawing of the block of the Bitcoin's Blockchain.


Click here to see the other blocks



Cas d'usages des technos crypto pour l'État

Récemment, le député Pierre PERSON nous invitait à "bousculer" l’administration sur ces sujets en proposant à la personne publique des modèles qui permettent d’améliorer le fonctionnement de nos services publics et le fonctionnement de notre société en général. Je me lance donc dans une modeste contribution, en proposant quelques cas d’usages. Spontannément, j'ai 4 cas d'usage qui me viennent en tête.


Bitcoin : un coup d'oeil coup le capot

Un post pour traduire un article de 2017 sur le fonctionnement des transactions Bitcoin

Pour une fois, un article en français. comme on ne peut pas toujours se contenter de la surface, cette fois-ci, on plonge plus en profondeur...  L'article original a été écrit par Sam Lewis et se trouve ici.


Tribute to Vera Molnar

In fact, my "fuzzy treemap" is a true Vera Molnar legacy.

As usual, see wikipedia for more information


Refactoring my code

Trying to rewrite some code, starting on new basis


Fluid animation 2

Last Block Hash is touching a Fluid surface

Inspired from Jeff Thomas's code


Draw the "Full" Block

Use the drawing methods from below, but drawing each part of the block : inputs, outputs, fees and reward

You can choose an alternative drawing method.


fuzzy Treemap

Another Treemap drawing method.

Drawing with 2 colors, fuzzy is using to draw the rectangle ...


Blockchain and Splines

Another block drawing method.

Each line is a transaction value. The line is then converted to spline using transaction's hash value. I'm following Inconvergent's blog to achieve this work.


Exploring D3 force driven graphs

This the Klingon starfleet organisation

Not really finished ...

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Blockchain as a Treemap

Draw a Treemap where each rectangle is a transaction's inputs sum. Then add block's hashes on top and previous block's invert hash on bottom. This way we can draw the blockchain by putting images last's one above the others.

That way, we can "see" the Blockchain...

You can choose an alternative drawing method.


R. Topisto (Twitterbot)

This robot is listening to the bitcoin blockchain. Every new block it draw an image using one of the above methods.

This is not technic ... this is computationnal art. It uses PHP, API, abraham TwitterOAuth.


Install a full node

Want to be part of it !

But I don't have enought disk space ...
So it will be a pruned one.


Bitcoin and blockchain

This quickly explain what is Bitcoin and how it works

Everything is on, but here you can find a quick intro to Bitcoin and the Blockchain.
The project here is to make datavisualization about the Blockchain. So I must explain what is the Blockchain. I'm not interesting in trading. The Bitcoin is only see as technical object.


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